Discover the Hidden Gem of Indonesia: A Guide to West Papua

West Papua

Some things need to be prepared if you want to visit Indonesia’s hidden gem, namely West Papua. You are starting from transportation planning to how to get to the destination.

It takes careful preparation to see the beauty of West Papua, which has Raja Ampat as part of the tour.

How to Get to Raja Ampat, The Hidden Gem in West Papua, Indonesia

A trip to West Papua will pay off with the experience of seeing the natural beauty of this eastern region of Indonesia. Here’s a guide to visiting Raja Ampat, a hidden gem in West Papua:

1. Visit the City of Sorong

For those outside West Papua Province, you must see a travel guide because the Raja Ampat area is quite far. If you want to go to Raja Ampat, you must go through Sorong first.

Two transportation options can be used, namely by air and by sea. Both have different budgets and can be adjusted according to the type and class.

2. Using an Airplane or Ship

For flights, it will land at Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong. If from Jakarta, the time taken is around 5 to 7 hours. With prices in the range of Rp. 2.7 million to Rp. 3.5 million depending on the airline and class of aircraft.

If you go by sea or use a Pelni ship, it will take you about five days and 9 hours.

There are also various choices of boats, and it can be more expensive if you take a class other than the economy.

Some ships that go through the Raja Ampat of West Papua route include Dorolonda, Labobar, Gunung Dempo, Sinabung, and Tatamailau.

The Pelni ship’s departure schedule is also only sometimes. If you want to use a Pelni Ship, you can check on the website.

3. Through the City of Waisai

After arriving in Sorong, the next step is to get to Waisai City by land and sea routes.

If you use an airplane, you can go directly from Domine Eduard Osok Airport, Sorong, to Marinda Raja Ampat.

With a short travel time, the ticket price is around IDR 750.000 per person.

Even so, this flight depends on weather conditions, so it is necessary to seek further information from the airline. The second way is using a ship starting at the port of Sorong.

So you can use the services of a motorcycle taxi or public transportation with routes A or B, and you can also use a taxi. The estimated travel time is around 10 minutes.

For ship departure times, Monday to Friday, usually two times a day, morning at 09.00 and afternoon at 14.00. Then on Saturday, departure at 09.00 and 12.00.

4. Arrived at Raja Ampat, West Papua

After arriving in Waisai City, the next step to go around the Raja Ampat area in West Papua. Therefore, you should rent a ship that usually also offers packages.

Packages offered can be per group. For example, a ship with a capacity of 15-25 people costs IDR 10 million daily. Or you can look for package offers per individual.

For a day trip, several spots can be visited, including Pianemo, Telaga Bintang, Andau Island, Sawandarek or Pam Harbour, Yenbuba, and Pasir Timbul.

Meanwhile, if you want an overnight package, you can start from IDR 3.5 million per person for three days and two nights.

Raja Ampat has high species richness and uniqueness. There are 1,318 species of fish, 699 species of mollusks and 537 species of coral animals.

The guide above can help you get to Raja Ampat ideally. Never visit this hidden gem in West Papua. Make sure all your needs are met.