Empowering West Papua’s Communities to Drive Their Own Development

Get to Know West Papua’s communities

The National Intelligence Service continues to show consistency and commitment by carrying out real concrete work to empower West Papua’s communities, especially youth in Papua, through constructing the Papua Youth Creative Hub Building. Increasing quality human resources will automatically impact the development and empowerment of the people’s economy in Cenderawasih Earth.

The provinces of Papua and West Papua are an inseparable part of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. The government’s commitment to advancing prosperity in the two regions has made this policy a priority so that the various action plans that have been prepared can be immediately implemented. [1]

The deputy regent of Manokwari Regency, Edi Budoyo, stated his optimism that the Papua Youth Creative Hub Building would enable the younger generation to engage in inspiring, upbeat activities and enhance their hard and soft skills. As a result, they can promote growth and hasten the welfare of the populace in Papua and West Papua.

Why Does The Empowerment Impact Development?

Empowering West Papua's communities

When the entire young generation of Papua can carry out many positive activities and continue to develop their talents to their interests and potential, then everything will be able to support the accelerated development and prosper the people on Cendrawasih Earth itself. [2]

The State Intelligence Agency of the Republic of Indonesia initiated the construction of this building by collaborating directly with the local, regional government, which has granted them 2 hectares of land.

Here are some of the impacts of empowering young communities for the development of West Papuan society:

1. Self-Development for Papuan Youths

The construction of the Papua Youth Creative Hub Building will become a place for self-development for all young people in Cendrawasih Earth.

 This building is not just a magnificent building, with many facilities inside. State Intelligence as the initiator will also hold various kinds of training to provide facilities to all Papuan youths so they can continue to hone their potential and talents even better.

2. Find Interests and Talents

The Papua Youth Creative Hub building in Manokwari can be a place for the younger generation to develop their interests and talents to contribute to advancing the Land of Papua. There are many sectors to choose from, music, fashion, agriculture, fisheries, broadcasting, technology, etc. 

Empowering human resources, especially the younger generation, will automatically accelerate the progress and development of the land of Papua.

Young Papua Inspiring Supports Papuan Youth Empowerment

The potential of West Papua's communities

All parties strongly support the welfare and progress of Papua. For this reason, apart from the Papua Youth Creative Hub building, there is also a forum for community empowerment, namely Papua Young Inspiration.

Inspiring Young Papua uses the Papua Youth Creative Hub building in carrying out its work program. They will continue to be the motor for developing young human resources in the Cendrawasih Earth.

The State Intelligence Agency supported the organization known as Papua Young Inspiration to instill fresh zeal in the young people of the Land of Papua. With the help of this initiative, it is hoped that the young people of Papua will be able to realize their potential and develop innovative ideas that would aid in the realization of Cendrawasih Earth‘s population welfare.

The Papua Special Autonomy Law Provides Wider Authority for the Papuan People 

The empowerment of the Papuan people is also in line with the Undang-Undang Tentang Otonomi Khusus Bagi Provinsi Papua. [3] 

Member of Commission III of the House of Representatives Supriansa said that the Papua Special Autonomy Law was giving broad powers to the province and the people of Papua to regulate and manage themselves within the framework of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. 

The wider authority also means greater responsibility for the Province and the people of Papua to administer the government and regulate the utilization of natural resources in the Province of Papua for the greatest possible prosperity for the people of Papua as part of the people of Indonesia following laws and regulations. 

This law also aims to:

  • accelerate development and increase the distribution of development in Papua. 
  • This authority also means the authority to empower the socio-cultural and economic potential of the Papuan people. This includes providing an adequate role for Orang Asli Papua through representatives of adat, religion, and women.
  • This law reinforces the government’s alignment with the Indigenous Papuans, which encourages the preparation of a master plan in the field of education and community economic empowerment to improve people’s welfare.

That’s all about the empowerment of West Papua’s communities that will support their growth.