Progress of West Papua’s Creative Industries: Music and Film

Get to Know West Papua's Creative Industries

West Papua’s Creative Industries have grown rapidly in recent years. This development can be seen from the achievements and quality of the works of West Papua, both in music and film.

Music Industry

West Papua's Creative Music Industries Continue to Grow

In the music industry, good progress can be seen clearly from the several achievements that musicians and music groups from West Papua have received. One of them is the outstanding achievement that My Fang successfully showed.

My Fang is a music group from the Manokwari area, West Papua. This music group has succeeded in becoming a representative for eastern Indonesia at the prestigious national event, Super Musik 2023.

Previously, this music group had won the Super Musik event with Loka Verse in Surabaya in April 2023. Not an easy competition; in that event, as many as 300 participants came from various regions in Eastern Indonesia.

Competing against many participants from Sulawesi, Bali, Maluku, and Papua, My Fang successfully entered the top ten. This band became the only representative from West Papua.

“My hope is that in the future, we can carry the names of Manokwari and West Papua. We believe we can compete outside. We hope to win one more in the national final, even the international one,” said Arswendi Vernando, guitarist from My Fang, on (18/05/2023). 

Film Industry 

West Papua's Creative Industries Continues to Develop Like Film

Apart from the music industry, the West Papua film industry has also experienced significant growth. Many West Papuan filmmakers have started making short films, documentaries, and feature films that tell unique stories from West Papua. Not only received local recognition, but some films also received national attention.

One of the works by West Papuan filmmakers that has received national attention is a film called Taklukkan Mimpi. Released in 2022, Taklukan Mimpi is the debut film of the cast, who are native Papuans.

This film first premiered at the XXI Cinema in Sorong City on September 8, 2022. In terms of story, this film tells the story of the struggles of five friends to achieve their childhood dreams.

Taklukkan Mimpi was successfully flooded with a large audience during its broadcast. Just a few days after its release, the film managed to get 10,000 viewers. 

During the screening itself, this film received many positive responses and appreciation, one of which was from Clinton Tallo, Chairman of the West Papua Flobamora Family Association (IKF).

“The film is extraordinary. Hopefully, it can motivate young West Papuans to achieve their goals,” said Clinton Tallo (9/9/2023).

West Papua Government’s Role in Advancing West Papua’s Creative Industries

Governments Play an Important Role in West Papua's Creative Industries

With the help of these various skills improvement programs, West Papua’s creative industry can be more advanced.

Of course, the achievements and progress of the creative industries in West Papua cannot be separated from the various programs that the local government provides. The government has held several programs to support the improvement of creative industries in West Papua.

In 2022, the West Papua government, Imaji Papua, and Top Production held a workshop to improve West Papua filmmakers’ abilities. The workshop is a workshop on documentary film production, creative content creation, basic videography, and photography. [1]

In addition to the workshops above, the West Papua government is also participating in developing the West Papuan music industry. One of the programs the government held was a music course program in the Manokwari area on May 15, 2023.

This program is a collaboration with the West Papua Regional Pesparawi Development Institute (LPPD). In this program, LPPD) held music courses for classical piano, pop piano, keyboard, and organ classes. [2]

The West Papua government is still trying to improve West Papua’s Creative Industries through programs like the above.