What’s Inside Asmat Museum, Artifacts that Hold Spiritual Significance

What's Inside Asmat Museum, Artifacts that Hold Spiritual Significance

The various carvings represent their closeness to their ancestors’ spirits, the spirits that will protect them from all forms of disease and harm. In addition to carving, the Asmat tribe also has a traditional cultural style. It can be seen from the various tools that all come from nature in Asmat Museum.

What's Inside Asmat Museum, Artifacts that Hold Spiritual Significance

To protect and preserve various objects and the indigenous culture of the Asmat people, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah presents the Asmat Museum. The Museum occupies an area of ​​6500 m2. Tobati-Enggros natives on Lake Sentani built it in the style of their Kariwari house, a place of worship.

Collection of Objects at the Asmat Museum

Visitors can see the model of the conical building that is the hallmark of the Asmat Tribe’s house. Then there are also various kinds of exciting collectibles to provide knowledge about the culture of the Asmat Tribe.

You can see the exhibits, starting from art products such as traditional clothes as a heritage from their ancestors. This valuable historical heritage shows the Asmat Tribe’s view of life. Then able to relate the history of their ancestors.

Our ancestors have always expressed their inner bond with us through symbols. By preserving their historical heritage, we can also keep that bond alive. Therefore, the arrangement in this Museum is still classified with different themes.

We may keep our inner connection with our ancestors, which is always conveyed via symbols and maintaining our historical legacy. As we know, three buildings with different themes still provide many other elements and collections of objects.

The First Building of the Asmat Museum

The first building that uses the theme of Humans and the Environment presents a collection of traditional clothing and accessories from the Asmat Tribe.

Not only that, but there are also dioramas regarding the livelihoods of the Asmat Tribe, especially on Menokok sago. In addition, visitors can see the shape of the spirit boat Wurawan, a vehicle for ancestral spirits.

Then there is still the Mbis pole or the statue of the ancestors of the Asmat Tribe with various unique ornaments that all tell about the life of the Asmat Tribe.

The Second Building 

This building also has another theme, Humans, and Culture, which presents a collection of more unique objects. From the second building, you can see the equipment for making sago, a group of weapons, hunting equipment, and things related to ceremonies or culture. Then there is Tifa, or drums, axes, to Fu, or musical instruments made of bamboo.

The Third Building 

The third building has the theme of Humans and Their Creativity. The third building of this Museum exhibits contemporary art that provides the results of the development of traditional art design patterns. 

Visitors can also see various works of art by the Asmat Tribe developed to come out of traditional life patterns.

You can see various exciting collections at the Asmat Museum in detail. Each building has a collection of interesting objects. Whether it’s a collection of weapons or traditional clothes, all have meaning.

Bottom Line

The price of admission to the Asmat Museum is also reasonably low, which is Rp. 5000, which includes a trip to the Keong Mas Flower Garden, located close to the Museum. Compared to other museums around the Museum, the shape of the building is the most unique. So you will have no trouble finding this Museum.

Enjoying the weekend by visiting the Asmat Museum is one of the easiest ways to vacation with family. Suppose there is no prohibition from the Museum, various viral photos of the collection when you are at the Museum. It aims to lure other visitors into being more interested in visiting the Museum. That way, this Museum will be seen by more people.