What to Prepare Before You Go to Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

Raja Ampat Regency
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Seeing online pictures, videos and reviews of Raja Ampat regency, West Papua certainly makes you want to experience it yourself, right? What are the things that you need to prepare before you go on that trip? This article will give you a general idea about that. Without further ado, here is the list!

Raja Ampat Regency
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A Quick Guide

The first thing to think about is how to actually get to Raja Ampat regency, West Papua. You can reach the secret paradise of Eastern Indonesia by taking a flight to Sorong. Then, from Sorong you will need to book a speedboat, and call head to Sorong Harbor. The speedboat will take you to either 2 destinations in Raja Ampat, which is Waisai and Misool. 


The second thing to prepare is your budget. It is not a secret that the flight to West Papua is not cheap, you can easily check it up online. Aside from two-way transport, you need to prepare for food and necessities while you are there. Some activities may need tour guides, boats and equipment that you need to rent.

One tip is to plan ahead, research on what activities you want to do there and where you will be hanging out. Travelling in groups is also a great idea as you can get a price deal for a group of people in some activities. Plus, the more the merrier right?

Book Your Place to Stay

Your place to stay is more likely where your budget is going to be allocated to. Homestays are by far the cheapest option. If not, there’s a few affordable resorts that usually allows one room for two. A more expensive option is by liveaboard.

Each accommodation certainly has its own benefits. Take your time to research on where you want to stay. There are lots of reviews online for you to read.

What to Wear

Deciding on what to wear in a tropical archipelago, like Raja Ampat with temperatures that rise up to 28 degrees Celsius is quite a challenge isn’t it? Well, first of all you need to get comfy while protecting your body from the sun, and mosquitos at night. It is okay to use a swimwear, but only in proper time and places like when you are snorkeling and swimming at the beach. Don’t go around the village using that.

One tip is to blend in with your hosts, you can try to adopt your clothing to become similar to theirs. The safest option is wearing a t-shirt and a knee-length shorts. As guests, we need to be mindful and respectful.

Personal Medicine

This is extremely important, not only when you travel to West Papua, but everywhere. Personal medicine is something that you need on standby, carry it where ever you go. There are situations that your medication may not be available, especially if you are allergic to some substance.

Rest assured, there are hospitals in West Papua. If you need urgent medical attention, there’s 1 available in Waisai for first aid treatments. Sorong City has a better medical facility, and it operates a 24-hour emergency room.

Stay Healthy and Safe!

Going on a vacation would be a waste if you got sick. Stock up some vitamins and don’t forget to stay hydrated. Items to note are; sunscreen, anti-mosquito or anti-bug lotions, and a well-receiving cellphone.

When you are snorkeling or diving, be sure to have someone to watch over you. Do not touch any unknown wildlife animals, plants and corals. Also, be mindful of your steps when you are hiking or trekking.

That is the list of things that you need to prepare before going on a vacation to Raja Ampat regency, West Papua. Once you prepare everything, the next step is to put your plans into fruition. Enjoy your trip to the secret paradise, and have fun!