Here is Why and How to Get to Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua

Raja Ampat Regency
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Are you confused about where to go on your next vacation? Let’s say that you’re aiming at Indonesia, and you have been to Bali, Yogyakarta and Komodo Island. How about stepping up for a new incredible experience in Raja Ampat regency, West Papua?

Why Travel to Raja Ampat?

Raja Ampat Regency
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This beautiful archipelago located in the eastern-most island of Indonesia has many pleasant surprises waiting to be experienced by you. Raja Ampat translates to 4 kings that is represented by 4 main islands, namely Waigeo, Misool, Salawati and Batanta. This archipelago of secret paradise is worth to visit for the following reasons:

  • Tourist Destination

Raja Ampat regency has gained a lot of popularity, some might argue that it is better than Maldives! However, it all comes back to each people’s preferences. Raja Ampat is known to have appealed many tourists, because of its natural attractions. It became one of the best places to go for a dive. 

That’s right, in Raja Ampat you can look for diving resorts and pay them to take you to famous diving spots that are known as “heaven for divers”. If you’re not fund of diving, not to worry, you can do snorkeling on shallow areas near the bay or by the shorelines. The underwater life of Raja Ampat has a high biodiversity from fishes to corals, and all of them are protected by the government to create a sustainable eco-tourism. Aside from the sea, there are hiking spots, lakes and trekking areas.

  • It’s Remote

The second reason is for you who wants to escape that urban city life. West Papua may be classified as remote in some people’s mind, but that does not mean you will get lost or anything. It’s because of recent developments had been made by the government to increase the quality of life and the wellbeing of the locals. You can still receive a 4G signal! Even so, you’ll still be far from city noises and crowds, enjoy the sweet tranquility.

  • Local Ambience

Aside from nature and tranquility, the local people of Raja Ampat offer a warm welcoming hospitality. In Arborek Tourism Village for example, there you can stay in homestays. You can live among the Papuan locals and admire their traditions. 

Another cultural attraction will be the festivals. During festivals, you can see how unique the cultures of West Papua. An example is the Maritime Festival in Waisai, you can see many competitions and cultural attractions being performed there.

How to Get to Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Regency
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Getting to Raja Ampat regency is quite tiring, but it will be worth your time and effort once you get there. There are several transits that you need to do to get there. The quickest is by air, so let’s focus on that option, shall we?

First of all, you need to book a flight to Sorong. Some airlines have direct flights and some will go to Makassar first. Airlines that go to West Papua, include Garuda Indonesia, Nam Air, Sriwijaya Air and Batik Air. They all depart from Jakarta.

Once you arrive in Sorong, you need to book a boat to go to Raja Ampat. The speedboats are available regularly every day, meanwhile local flights are only once a week. You can choose whether you want to go to Misool or Waisai. The best time to visit Raja Ampat is the dry season (October to April).

There you have it! Reasons and how to go to Raja Ampat regency, West Papua. Sounds like an adventure worth doing, right? If you have a bucket list, this stunning archipelago deserves to be in it! Some people say that when you have the opportunity, you must go on a vacation here at least once in your lifetime.