Why Jungle Fair Skyscraper Is Important for The People of Papua and West Papua

West Papua

The development in West Papua is still on progress. One of the proofs is the existence of the Jungle Fair Skyscraper. Papua is the largest province in Indonesia, with over a thousand tribes living there. Some of them may have come in contact with modern life. The rest of them are still deep in the forests, living with nature.

Because of this, many Papuans still have serious—even critical—issues regarding poverty, health, and education. This has been going on for decades.

The Main Idea Behind The Jungle Fair Skyscraper

West Papua

As the development in West Papua still carries on, here is the main idea behind the Jungle Fair Skyscraper:

The extreme topography and the minimum infrastructure have been the two main causes for many tribes to remain detached from each other. In fact, one of the tribes in West Papua, the Korowai, had not been aware of other people outside their tribes until sometime in the 1970s.

With the existence of the Jungle Fair Skyscraper, these problems can hopefully be reduced—or eliminated altogether. Standing tall right in the middle of the jungle, the Jungle Fair Skyscraper is the landmark for those having trouble accessing basic necessities besides what they have already got. These include health and education too.

The Concept of The Jungle Fair Skyscraper:

West Papua

This tower will help a lot of young Papuans without having them leave their own homes too far away. It provides facilities to support their needs for education, healthcare, and government services. This tower has also been built to fit the scenic place. Since the young Papuans no longer have to go far, the idea for this tower is also to reduce carbon footprint.

If you look at the tower, you can see that it was built following the concept of the local traditional houses in West Papua. Rumah Honai and Rumah Pohon or Rumah Tinggi (large treehouses) have inspired the creator of this building. The mixture of both styles is what has made the Jungle Fair Skyscraper looks unique and outstanding in the jungle.

What Will Be Inside The Jungle Fair Skyscraper:

West Papua

Why is it important for the Papuans? Here is what you will get with the Jungle Fair Skyscraper in West Papua:

  • Public area.

Papua has many traditions and plenty require a wide-open space, like bararem (a stone burning tradition). The Jungle Fair Skyscraper can accommodate their needs. Visitors can watch their traditional dances too here, which will help them to get to know the Papuan cultures more.

  • Healthcare.

Since many Papuans still have problems accessing healthcare, the Jungle Fair Skyscraper will provide them with it. Each tower will consist of a healthcare center or Puskes (pusat kesehatan).

  • Education.

Economic issues have been the main problems many Papuan children have to cut school and help their parents to work. This tower will provide them with free education access, starting from the nursery school to the senior high school. This will also help to eliminate the language barrier and help children with more accessible teaching resources.

With more Papuan children getting more proper access to education, there will be more of them getting access to work. This will later improve their financial situations, which will also help them to get better healthcare access.

In other words, education will help them to improve the quality of their lives.

  • Economy.

Farming, plantation, fishery, forestry, and stock breeding are some of their livelihoods. This tower will also provide the market, so each tribe gets to sell and trade their stocks. This can also be the place to socialize between tribes.

  • Public services.

The Jungle Fair Skyscraper will also provide other public services, including maintaining the government. There are also natural resources for domestic use, which include: clean water, gas, and electricity. They will be produced through fog harvesting and biogas systems, which will be discussed later below.

  • Fog harvesting.

Fog harvesting system is located at the crown and lower level of this building. The system is used to provide clean water. The system works because it is where the fog presence is normally high, like in the mountains or coastal areas. The fog is processed and turned into clean water.

  • Biogas.

Biogas system is also located at the lower level of the same building. The system is used to provide free gas. The locals can later use this gas for their domestic needs, whether it is cooking or activating any tools that require energy. Just like its name, biogas is considered quite environmentally friendly.

For now, the Jungle Fair Skyscraper is maybe just an idea done by Arnold Siregar and Patar Aprianus for eVolo’s 2020 Skyscraper Competition. This may sound fantastic and almost too good to be true to the sceptics out there.

However, every development, including the development in West Papua, starts from a good idea. Who knows? This one may also come true. When that day comes, people will understand why Jungle Fair Skyscraper is important for the people of Papua and West Papua.