Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Hunting Practices in West Papua

Wildlife conservation and sustainable hunting practices in West Papua

Wildlife Conservation and Sustainable Hunting Practices in West Papua – West Papua is the main route for Papua animal smuggling through.

The smuggling locations are to various destinations, both at home and abroad.

Wildlife conservation and sustainable hunting practices in West Papua are essential agendas for the local and national governments.

West Papua Wildlife

At this point birds are the most commonly smuggled species. Some other species are king-cockatoo, black-headed red parrot, parrot, mambruk, and cassowary.

The most smuggled reptiles are green pythons, blue lizards, and soa-soa star lizards. These animals are even shipped overseas.

Smugglers utilize this location to bring in hundreds of animals.

Wildlife conservation and sustainable hunting practices in West Papua must be immediately implemented to stop this illegal animal smuggling.

The smugglers use expedition or ship transportation services to bring wild animals out of Papua. The wildlife will be sent to buyers from various countries upon arrival in other provinces.

Conservation Objectives

Conservation of natural resources, including wildlife, is the responsibility of all human beings.

The different administrative regions of a country do not limit the ecological effects of various development activities.

Human activities such as agricultural expansion, logging, poaching, and smuggling are the biggest causes of flora and fauna extinction.

Furthermore, biodiversity will also be lose and damage the ecosystem.

Human activities have brought thousands of animal species close to extinction.

Equally important by implementing the protection of endangered species, we ensure that future generations can enjoy nature and the unique species in it.

Some other objectives of wildlife conservation include:

1. Supporting Tourism Attraction

One of the reasons why people choose to visit a particular country is because of its fauna and flora. Natural habitats such as forests, mountains, and waters are unique attractions.

West Papua has these characteristics. The world is very familiar with Cendrawasih.

But apparently, many other animals are no less charming, especially if the animal is see roaming in the wild, which certainly adds to the beautiful atmosphere of nature.

2. Protection of biodiversity and endangered species

Many animals depend on each other in the forest through food chains and webs.

For example, predatory animals like lions, cheetahs, and leopards depend on herbivores like antelopes for survival. If antelopes become extinct in the forest, the effect could harm cats’ survival.

It would also affect the survival of other herbivores in the forest as cats would depend on the remaining animals for their survival,

Which could significantly reduce the population of large animals like giraffes, which take longer to reproduce.

3. Protecting ecological stability and balance

Reserving fauna and flora promote ecological stability and balance in the world.

Plants, for example, play an essential role in ensuring a healthy ecosystem by balancing carbon dioxide and oxygen in the environment.

If animal species become dominant, be it humans or wildlife, it will cause a lot of instability, affecting the survival of all plant and animal species worldwide.

4. Can improve food security

In fact not many people understand that wildlife conservation can improve food security. Protecting natural habitats from degradation will increase the availability of various food products.

The reason is that wildlife conservation helps in research to promote agricultural diversity. Furthermore, habitat protection ensures the availability of sufficient natural resources.

5. Education and learning

Studying wildlife and their habitats is a significant learning experience for children.

Observing animals helps children to conceptualize ideas and develop their imagination. Taking children to zoos and game parks is part of the education system.

Must be remembered efforts to protect endangered animals have a massive impact on life.

From time to time this impact includes human survival. Thus, the government must optimally implement Wildlife conservation and sustainable hunting practices in West Papua.