Yeben Island, The Hidden Gem of Raja Ampat in West Papua

Raja Ampat is one of the favorite destinations in West Papua for tourists. This island has a charming beauty in the form of excellent marine tourism. One of the hidden gems on this island is Yeben Island. This island is the most exciting area to visit because of its calm atmosphere. For further information! Here is the information.

Reasons to Visit Yeben Island

Raja Ampat is a favorite location for domestic and foreign tourist destinations. Especially during the holiday season, this location is the target of massive visitors during the high season. If you feel uncomfortable with a crowded place, you can choose another location, namely a hidden gem in Raja Ampat called Yeben Island. This island has fantastic beauty to visit.

This location is not as popular as the one in Raja Ampat, and it is still quiet. This is because of its hidden place and takes time to get to the location. Interestingly, you can see various stunning natural beauty on this island. It consists of several islands such as Yeben Besar, Yeben Kecil, and Mios Mandun, which means White Pigeon (or also called Stone Yeben) in West Papua.

How to Get There

To arrive at the location you want, there are several ways that you have to choose. One of them is by renting a speedboat to arrive at Yeben Island. The island is a bit hidden away, so you’ll have to make a significant journey to get to this deserted island. For this reason, transportation such as small boats and speedboats are the best references to get to the location.

You can also visit Yeben when you go to Piaynemo. It provides an unforgettable experience because you can see two islands at once. In addition, you can get an exclusive vacation because you get a fantastic view. So, when you go to Yeben, you can also stop by at the same time to other islands around Yeben.

Although it requires additional transportation, the location is not too far away, about 25-30 minutes by speedboat. If you travel from Waisai, it will take about 2 hours to a speedboat. You can stop by Yeben Kecil, Yeben Besar, and approach Mios Mandun without stopping at the tiny white sand to get to the tourist sites.

Yeben Island Attractions

The Best Islands in Raja Ampat, Indonesia

One of the best locations you can visit is Little Yeben, Raja Ampat, West Papua. This island is uninhabited but has a stunning beauty. The main attraction is the towering karst cliffs. It gives an impression that fortifies its fine white sandy beach. Meanwhile, you can also see calm, clear waves and not significant currents.

Because the seawater is not high, you can take advantage of this location to do watersport activities. Visitors who come can do snorkeling, diving, and swimming. You can try an unforgettable vacation while in the charming Yeben Island area by doing fun activities. As a result, you can enjoy an exciting time on this island.

In addition, the stunning scenery can be a reference for taking pictures at all angles. Also, don’t forget to devote precious moments while diving under the sea. There are many sights that you can find in coral reefs, small fish, and much more. This is why many tourists always take the time to try underwater photos in Yeben island, West Papua.

In addition, the calm atmosphere can be a reference for relaxing on the beach sand. Around the beach area, there are shady trees to rest. If you want to have a more exciting experience, you can take advantage of the services of a local guide. The tour guide will explain the ideal activities for a vacation on the charming and beautiful Yeben Island.

List of Yeben Island

As is well known, Yeben Island has several islands lined up. One of the most iconic is Little Yeben. This island is uninhabited and only in the form of towering rock cliffs. In addition, around it, some trees are growing luxuriantly. It provides a stunning view for the visiting tourists.

Opposite Little Yeben is Yeben Island or Big Yeben. You can find a dive resort with complete water sports facilities at this location. Visitors who come can easily rent snorkeling and diving equipment. This is because around Yeben, there are indeed several dive sites that have stunning and unique underwater beauty.

At the same time, you can also find Mios Mandun, which is a super tiny island. For that reason, this island looks like a rock overgrown with white sand plants all around. There is no doubt that tourists in West Papua often make this spot a good background for photos. The scenery around this tourist area becomes more beautiful when the weather is bright.

Overall, Raja Ampat is the best holiday reference in the Papua region. However, if you want to get a more exciting experience, visit Yeben Island. This island is the best reference to spend precious time on vacation. In addition to offering a captivating beauty, Yeben has diverse underwater scenery.