Yen Beba Beach: The Gem of Manokwari, West Papua

Yen Beba Beach
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West Papua is a province located in the easternmost part of Indonesia. The beauty of this region is not questionable anymore. There are countless natural resources with exquisite views that you can enjoy, especially the beaches. The scenery is thrilling, the white sand is clean and soft, the sea water is clear blue to the bottom of it, the coral reefs are pristine and stunning, and the colorful fish coupled with the sea breeze which is very cool are the main uniqueness of the beach.

As a tourist attraction, Yen Beba Beach known as the gem of Manokwari is actually located in Mansinam Island. The cool wind, the soft white sand and the blue sea of the Island are only a few good reasons why it becomes tourists’ magnet. 

Mansinam Island is historically one of the very first places in Papua where Christian missionaries arrived and spread their religious values in the region. Therefore, the entire island has been a well known pilgrimage destination for long. In fact, in the island, there is a gigantic Jesus statue built back in 2014 and has become one of the center of attention of many tourists there. 

Yen Beba Beach
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People’s Attraction in Manokwari, West Papua

Most tourists of the beach came from the Manokwari Regency and its surrounding locations. They usually come on the weekends for recreation with their families and the main destination is the beach. The main activities there are sometimes only picnicking and swimming as stress reliever. The main reason this beach is a tourists’ magnet of West Papua is actually its spectacular beauty. 

The sea condition is beyond beautiful with amazing color gradations: dark blue, light blue, and turquoise waves roaring towards the coast. The name Yen Beba itself means White Sand, these white sand grains also feel smooth and soft when held with hands. Not to mention the large variety of marine life inside the sea water—from the colorful fishes to the wonderful coral reefs. 

One of the loyal visitors admitted that she deliberately chose Yen Beba Beach because its location is easy to reach from the city center. She added that another reason is that the beach remains natural. However, it is not well-maintained enough, so the local government needs to better organize the beach as one of the best West Papua’s beaches

Meanwhile, another visitor stated that he came to Yen Beba Beach which is also known as Pantai Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach), because it is a favorite tourist location for the residents of Manokwari, West Papua. He said he did not only enjoy the pleasurable activities on the beach, but also the large variety of local foods served by the street vendors along the beach. 

How to Get to the Beach

The White Sand Beach located about 3 kilometers away from the center of Manokwari City, West Papua can be reached by motorbike in only 15 minutes. As the name implies, the coastal area is adorned with pristine white sand stretching as far as 500 meters along the beach.  

The access road to the beach has always been traffic jammed by crowded vehicles of domestic tourists who look forward to having holidays on the beach. Thankfully, the traffic jams never last for long. 

The Beach Facilities

Besides the various local foods and beverages sold by the street vendors, there are also other facilities you can enjoy when in the beach. Involving the local residents, the beach offers them some opportunities in raising their economy by providing facilities such as parking space, beach cleaning service, bathrooms and toilets, as well as stalls around the beach. 

As the local people contribute much in providing the beach facilities, the benefits obtained make the surrounding community pretty well-maintained, neat, and relatively clean. Visitors to this beach are also mostly local tourists, as the location is not far and easy to reach from where they live. So, it is good to see the fact that everything on the region is from the locals to the locals themselves. 

So, are you ready to hit the beautiful Yen Beba Beach in West Papua? Prepare yourself for a great, sacred journey in the gem of Manokwari.