Some Great Youngest Millionaire in Papua New Guinea

Youngest Millionaire in Papua New Guinea

Youngest millionaire in Papua New Guinea have many plus points. Successfully achieving their goal by struggling is something extraordinary.

Becoming a young millionaire is not easy, but it will be easy for those who want to try.

Names of Youngest Millionaire in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an area that has abundant natural resources. No wonder some young people can become millionaires at a young age.

With small things, extraordinary results will be seen if someone is serious.

Even though they are young, Papuan children do not give up easily and are interested in finding something new without fear of failure.

The following is a list of the names of young millionaires in Papua New Guinea:

1. Patricia Wendo

Patricia Wendo is a one of youngest millionaire in Papua New Guinea who is always passionate about improving herself.

Lady Patricia is a successful entrepreneur in Papua New Guinea and can even be invited to a trade Expo.

Wendo Patricia is in the craft and artifact business. With the effort she put in, Patricia became a guest at a significant event in Indonesia then. Small companies, indeed, should be considered.

2. Sharpen Wafi

Like Patricia Wendo, Asah Wafi is also one of the successful entrepreneurs who grew up in Papua New Guinea.

Asah Wafi was also present at the Trade Expo event in Indonesia, which was held in Jakarta, precisely at the Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.

Asah is in the catering and hospitality business. That is the source of his wealth while in Papua New Guinea.

Sharpen clever in seeing opportunities and opportunities that exist. Are you interested in having the same business as Asah?

3. Martha Awesa

With Asah and Patricia, Martha was invite to a trade expo held in Indonesia in 2016.

This event was attend by many foreign businessmen with around 15,000 buyers and was follow by 120 countries. Cool, isn’t it?

Martha Awesa is also one of the successful entrepreneurs in Papua New Guinea.

His arrival in Indonesia even surprised him because when exchanging money, he considered that the value of money in Indonesia was cheaper than in Papua New Guinea.

4. Bahlil Lahadahlia

The following young millionaire is Bahlil Lahadalia. This man is doing business superbly and behind the founding of PT. Rifa Capital already has a holding of ten companies.

Apart from the companies above, Bahlil has many other businesses in the plantation, property, transportation, mining, and construction sectors.

He was enjoying the fruits of his efforts so hard in the past.

Bahlil has tried almost all professions, from washing workers, bus conductors, bus drivers, and bank employees. Everything he ever felt to get a better life. Now he has achieved it all.

5. Petronela Meraudje

Starting from selling crowns, Petronela can now enjoy the results of another business she is involve in, being a BRI Link agent, which is still rare.

Petronela admits that selling crowns started as a fad, but she still takes it seriously.

Her work attract many fans. Petronela has now managed to get results that make her smile happily.

The results are for small businesses she start with complete sincerity and without giving up.

Youngest millionaire in Papua New Guinea can increase their motivation and enthusiasm to achieve their goals and not give up quickly in a downturn.

Some people above are entitle to what they enjoy because of their hard struggles. Excited to be a young millionaire!