The Rise of Youth Entrepreneurship in West Papua

Youth entrepreneurship in West Papua

Youth entrepreneurship in Papua is inextricably linked to PMI’s (Papua Muda Inspiratif) mission. PMI has received attention from young people in Papua for its part in encouraging them to develop an entrepreneurial spirit. 

The government continues to support and encourage the progress of human resources (HR) in the Land of Papua through coaching youth organizations, namely Papua Muda Inspiring (PMI), among other ways, through aiding in the establishment of the Papua Youth Creative Hub, a facility designed to boost the potential of the young people in there.

The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH), a stunning structure in Jayapura City, was recently finished. Young people in Papua can develop their ideas into profitable enterprises with the help of the resources and training available in this building. 

The Achievement of Young Papuans Inspiring

Award for Youth Entrepreneurship

PMI in Jayapura has successfully harvested 161 tons of corn on 7.5 hectares of land. One of the initiatives the Papua Youth Creative Hub is scaling up to improve community welfare and Papua’s food security is corn farming.[1]

One of the harvesting sites is in the Waibu District, Jayapura, Papua, near Kampung Kwadeware and Kampung Doyo Lama. The harvest, which took place on 7.5 hectares of land, produced roughly 16.1 tonnes. The anticipated date for the following harvest is May 2023. There are 83.64 hectares of available land in the Waibu District

In order to use the crops as poultry feed, Daud stated the company will purchase them. Products for chicken feed will come in packaging with the label of PYCH. The PMI members who own the corn buying enterprise have given many communities more influence. A total of 105 workers, divided into seven groups, are responsible for managing the corn. They will benefit from the harvest’s sale proceeds.

The Mission of Inspirational Young Papua (PMI)

Youth entrepreneurship is Very Inspiring

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN), which supports PMI as a community, is creating the Papua Youth Creative Hub program.  As a hub for creativity and innovation, PYCH’s goal is to empower and encourage young Papuans to start their own businesses and create jobs in the future. Young individuals can pick up knowledge about marketing, information technology, and business growth here.[2]

PYCH collaborates closely with numerous business partners and nonprofit organizations to promote an entrepreneurial spirit. The training and business development programs provided by PYCH have assisted numerous young people in Papua in starting their own enterprises and providing for their own families.

Young people in Papua are becoming more entrepreneurial, and the hope is that the Papua Youth Innovative Hub will act as a catalyst for the area’s innovative economic growth and support efforts to combat unemployment.

Talk to Talk Program to Encourage the Emergence of Young Entrepreneurs

Program for Youth Entrepreneurship

Meanwhile, in the context of developing Papuan Young Entrepreneur Talents, the Acting Governor of West Papua Province, Drs. Paulus Waterpauw carried out the Talk to Talk program on August 8, 2022. 

Talk to Talk Program

Talk to Talk is a collaborative program between the Acting Governor of West Papua and related sectors. The sectors are DP3A, DPMK, Social Service, and Industry and Trade Office.

This is due to the fact that most businesspeople in Papua and West Papua are still migrants from outside Papua. There are still very few young native Papuans who are well-known business actors. Most indigenous young Papuans work for government-affiliated businesses as contractors or suppliers.[3]

They rarely engage in the market- and agriculture-based commercial activities, except small-scale enterprises run by moms that sell siring areca nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

The Head of the Talk to Talk Working Team stated that it is time for young Indigenous Papuans to get involved in taking advantage of expanding business prospects in the land of Papua as a result of the government’s rapid development efforts during a visit to the Sanggeng Manokwari Market. He asserts that it is important to inspire young native Papuans to be able to see and seize economic possibilities on a size that is no longer micro but small and medium. 

Due to this, extra efforts must be made to enable Indigenous Papuan Youths to recognize, evaluate, and seize opportunities to grow into sustainable businesses. 

Talk to Talk Purposes

The goal of this program is to transform the thinking of young Papuans so that they can become young Papuan entrepreneurs and grow and develop into businesspeople who can compete in the market. 

This program’s main activity is teaching young Papuans how to be entrepreneurs. The topics covered include:

  • financial management
  • spotting chances to start a chili farm
  • having an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Participants can try planting chili properly after the lesson until it is time to harvest. Thus, this is a great chance for youth entrepreneurship in Papua to rise.